Allan Bates - Playwright

Assorted Critical Quotes

“Bates demonstrates keen insight into the weird mixture of evil and innocence with steady, stunning effect.”
Christiansen, Chicago Daily News.

“Allan Bates has inspired a level of production that goes a long way in
justifying places like Barry Street Theater.”
Kennedy, Chicago Reader.

“The strongest production (of the WPA New Plays Festival).”
Feingold, The Village Voice.

“Allan's voice is marked by a combination of passion, knowledge, optimism,
and lyricism which is unique, I believe, among living playwrights.”
John Austin, Chairman, Department of Theater, Illinois College .

“[Allan Bates] has an analytical eye for character and attitude, a sharp ear for dialog. He does not overwrite and he has respect for silence.”
Syse, Chicago Sun-Times .

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